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From Years Past
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Sam, Duane and Skylark (Small)

sam (Small)

Dewey Osborn and Larry's whatever (Small)

Larry and Lil T (Small)

Larry's SE5A (Small)

Origional Club Patch (Small)

Dle Milne and L-19 (Small)

Dale, Jimmie and half of Glen (Small)

Brian Omera's Tony (Small)

Larry Osborn's Nieuport 17 (Small)

natural light patch (Small)

Last pylon race (Small)

The first 5 are from our first field on Burnt Mill Rd at the Sky Corral Airport.
The oldest is me holding a Midwest Lil T glider. I am standing in the pit area with the airport hanger in the background. This was taken in 1971. Our runways looked just like the dirt pit area and parking lot! The next 3 photos were taken in Oct of 1973. They are of Sam Pisciotta and Duane standing in the pit area! Sam's plane is a scratch design of his he called a Hooker. This plane was on the cover of R/C Modeler Magazine that year. Duane is putting the wing on a Goldberg Skylark. The other picture is of my brother holding a plane I built in 2 days!  Note the conditions under which we flew . The parking area and pits were maybe 10 feet from the runway! We took off and landed over a barb wire fence!. Ah the good old days.  Picture 5 is the first club patch.  The rest of the pictures are from some of our contests. Most are from a Scale Masters contest held around 8 years ago. Though it may not look like it the date is in early June.  As you can tell everyone was freezing their fannys off. The last three pictures are my Nieuport 17 entry in the Natural Light Classic pattern-scale contest we held from 1977 to 1984. The patch is from the 79 version of that contest. That year we gave away $5,000.00  in prize money and were sponsored by the Pueblo Bottling Co. They came out with a truck load of beer and after the contest was over everyone had a real good time! The final picture is from the last pylon race we held in the early 90's. Those are some 1/4 midget and quickie 500 racers in the picture.